E-commerce–Your Big Business Opportunity

In the last few years, if there is one industry that has taken center stage in Southern Africa, it is e-commerce. Online marketplaces are changing the way Southern Africa shops. While the e-commerce in our country is a multi billion-dollar industry, it is not just the big guns that have profited from it. There are lots of small and medium entrepreneurs who joined the e-commerce bandwagon as sellers and are witnessing significant growth in their business. So, whether you are a large-scale business, small entrepreneur or plan to start your own business, e-commerce is your biggest business opportunity

5 online selling success factors you are probably undervaluing

One of the aspects often overlooked by online retailers is buyers’ reviews. It’s a good practice to capture what customers feel about your products. Feedback can help you directly connect with customer sentiments. A successful tool to gauge your strengths and weaknesses, reviews can be the basis of improved services and enhanced capabilities. Such information will give future customers more insight into your goods and help them make informed decisions. You could send a customer a note asking them for feedback and reviews along with their orders. Also, promptly responding to customer comments gives them a feeling of being heard rather than ignored.

Importance of including a Thank You note in packages

Buyers/customers like to feel appreciated at all times. Adding personalized ‘Thank you notes’ to buyers goods when their purchase is being delivered is very important and goes a long way. Thank you notes may take your time but we advise that you do include handwritten notes of thanks with everything deliver out to your buyers. Remember, they have chosen your item, your store inventory out of countless others, trust your description to be accurate, and your feedback reliable.